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An OLE excursion is an experience you'll never forget. Whether you're hiking the old Appalachian Trail, touring points of interest in abandoned towns, or hunting wild game, OLE offers something for every adventurous spirit.

fall color tour

Spend three unforgettable weeks hiking west of The Salt Line during the peak of gorgeous fall color. Warm days, cool nights, and beautiful sunsets make autumn, some say, the very time to experience what the Appalachian mountains have to offer. Enjoy a four-night break from camping at a quarantined luxury chalet with all of ammenities of a fine hotel. Only offered in October.

ghost towns of the old republic

History buffs will thrill at the experience to explore towns last occupied generations ago, before eradification measures. See Hickory, Marion, Black Mountain, and Asheville; learn about about 21st century America and tour the beautifully preserved Basilica of Saint Lawrence. Two- and three-week packages offered in March, May, and September.

winter wonder tour

Winter, in addition to being the safest time to travel past quarantines, is a season that brings its own startling beauty to the mountains. See snow at higher elevations; travel down into the valley for milder temperatures and signs of spring. Spend a leisurely five days at our luxury chalet. Cross-country skiing and bow-hunting lessons are also available. Offered only in February.

Hunting excursions

Where humans are scarce, animals thrive, and serious hunters are discovering the bounty that points west of the salt line have to offer. Hunt small and large game with a variety of weapons under the guidance and expertise of one of our trained guides. Each traveler is allowed to bring back one large-game trophy kill through quarantine, through special arrangement with Atlantic Zone Fish and Wildlife.  

custom excursions

We excel in matching travelers to incredible, personalized experiences. Talk to an OLE Tour Maestro to find out about custom excursions for groups of 8 or more. If there's a way to make your dream a reality, we'll find it. 

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