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See what our clients are saying about their adventures beyond THE SALT LINE.

"With this intense, arrestingly vivid fever dream, Holly Goddard Jones fully realizes a completely original and wholly terrifying dystopian nightmare. Goddard Jones's wild, ventriloquist talent unfurls in this novel like never before. Each magnetic character in The Salt Line is boldly alive to the novel's world, at once monstrous, uncanny and yet entirely ours."

-Claire Vaye Watkins,

author of  Gold Fame Citrus

"The Salt Line is a 'literary thriller' that manages to fulfill each side of that phrase with admirable vigor.  It's both gripping and emotionally resonant, both suspenseful and heartfelt.  Holly Goddard Jones has a true storyteller’s instinct for suspense, along with a deep gift for empathy.  She’ll make your heart race as you turn the pages, and then she’ll crack it open a little before she’s through.”


-Scott Smith, author of The Ruins

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